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Lems Shoes Chukka

Size Chart Size chart
Lems Shoes Size Chart

You should measure the length of your feet first - Lems has provided instruction video and guide to measure your feet correctly. You can find the complete sizing guide here.

After you have the measurement refer to "Foot length cm" against the longer foot. Then pick the matching US size. All US sizes are Mens US for technical reasons. Womens US size is always size + 1.5 if you need to know it.

Recommendation is to leave 1-1.3 cm space for movement (sizing charts account for this). If you need additional room in the shoe, you can remove the insole for extra volume.

Lems Shoes Size Chart

Color: Sandstone
Lion's Mane
Size: 3.5

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1 item left

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Lems Shoes Chukka is built on the same IBR outsole as our beloved Boulder Boot, Nine2Five, and Mariner. As one of the most versatile shoes in Lems' collection, you can dress it up or keep it casual in total comfort. The wide toe box, zero-drop platform, and ultra-soft suede gets you from your morning meetings to happy hour without missing a step.

Sizing Note! While Chukka has same IBR outsoles as Boulder Boot, Nine2Five and Mariner, it has a new sizing. So please check out the size chart.


Sometimes plans change. You're prepared to roll into the office, but then suddenly find yourself needing something nicer. Thankfully you’re wearing your Chukkas, so your footwear is prepared for any event.

The Chukkas spring you into action through their IBR outsole, which also keeps them unbelievably lightweight and flexible. And because they’re zero-drop, your feet will be able to keep going long after you’ve tapped out.

These mother Chukkas also come standard with a wide toe box which gives your little piggies all the room they need to feel free.


  • Last:Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
  • Upper:1.6mm ultra-soft suede
  • Lining:100% cotton
  • Outsole:9.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
  • Footbed:3.5mm removable moisture-wicking PU insole
  • Stack Height:10.0mm (not including 3.0mm insole)
  • Drop:0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • Weight:10.2oz/289g (size M10)

Lems Shoes Chukka

Lems Shoes Chukka

Lems Shoes Chukka

Lems Shoes Chukka

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    • Sandstone / 3.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-035
      EAN: 819881018314
    • Sandstone / 4.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-045
      EAN: 819881018338
    • Sandstone / 5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-050
      EAN: 819881018345
    • Sandstone / 5.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-055
      EAN: 819881018352
    • Sandstone / 6SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-060
      EAN: 819881018369
    • Sandstone / 6.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-065
      EAN: 819881018376
    • Sandstone / 7SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-070
      EAN: 819881018383
    • Sandstone / 7.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-075
      EAN: 819881018390
    • Sandstone / 8SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-080
      EAN: 819881018406
    • Sandstone / 8.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-085
      EAN: 819881018413
    • Sandstone / 9SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-090
      EAN: 819881018420
    • Sandstone / 9.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-095
      EAN: 819881018437
    • Sandstone / 10SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-100
      EAN: 819881018444
    • Sandstone / 10.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-105
      EAN: 819881018451
    • Sandstone / 11SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-110
      EAN: 819881018468
    • Sandstone / 11.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-115
      EAN: 819881018475
    • Sandstone / 12SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-120
      EAN: 819881018482
    • Sandstone / 12.5SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-125
      EAN: 819881018499
    • Sandstone / 13SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-130
      EAN: 819881018505
    • Sandstone / 14SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-140
      EAN: 819881018512
    • Sandstone / 15SKU: LEMS31-Sandstone-150
      EAN: 819881018529
    • Lion's Mane / 3.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-035
      EAN: 819881018093
    • Lion's Mane / 4.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-045
      EAN: 819881018116
    • Lion's Mane / 5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-050
      EAN: 819881018123
    • Lion's Mane / 5.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-055
      EAN: 819881018130
    • Lion's Mane / 6SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-060
      EAN: 819881018147
    • Lion's Mane / 6.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-065
      EAN: 819881018154
    • Lion's Mane / 7SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-070
      EAN: 819881018161
    • Lion's Mane / 7.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-075
      EAN: 819881018178
    • Lion's Mane / 8SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-080
      EAN: 819881018185
    • Lion's Mane / 8.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-085
      EAN: 819881018192
    • Lion's Mane / 9SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-090
      EAN: 819881018208
    • Lion's Mane / 9.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-095
      EAN: 819881018215
    • Lion's Mane / 10SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-100
      EAN: 819881018222
    • Lion's Mane / 10.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-105
      EAN: 819881018239
    • Lion's Mane / 11SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-110
      EAN: 819881018246
    • Lion's Mane / 11.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-115
      EAN: 819881018253
    • Lion's Mane / 12SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-120
      EAN: 819881018260
    • Lion's Mane / 12.5SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-125
      EAN: 819881018277
    • Lion's Mane / 13SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-130
      EAN: 819881018284
    • Lion's Mane / 14SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-140
      EAN: 819881018291
    • Lion's Mane / 15SKU: LEMS30-Lion's Mane-150
      EAN: 819881018307
Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes believes less is more, which is why their shoes boast no gimmicks, no unnecessary material, and no fluff. Made with the finest materials, Lems' footwear is perfect for those individuals seeking to promote a healthier lifestyle. "If you can't find it on the market and no one's doing it, then you have to do it yourself." - Andrew Rademacher

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Soren S. (Skåne County, Sweden)

Great shoes that fit my 4E wide foot. I wear them daily. Nice with a brefoot shoe with enough cushion for city-walking.

Thanks Soren!

Eija T. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Mukavat kengät

Hyvän näköiset, hinta kohillaan ja toimotus nopea👍🍊 ja väri kivan oranssihtava!

Kiitos Eija!

Heikki J. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Hyvät kengöt

Sopivaan hintaan mukavat kengät. Nopea toimitus, kaikki ok!

Kiitos Heikki!

Laurynas (Siauliai, Lithuania)
Lems forever!

Because shoes are made on the same sole as Boulder boots, they are absolutely awesome.

Thank you Laurynas!

Einari (Southwest Finland, Finland)

Mainiot kengät. Suosittelen.

Kiitos Einari!